School Improvement

Welcome to Coker-Wimberly Elementary School's School Improvement page. 

We are the recipient of the three-year, $1.5 million Innovative Partnership Grant, focused on school improvement. Through the Innovative Partnership Grant, ECPS and CWES will ensure that all scholars have the academic and social-emotional skills necessary to succeed in middle school, high school, and higher education, and to become the architects of their own lives. We seek to continue strengthening foundational practices- talent recruitment, retention, and development; strengthening literacy instruction; providing students with regular, scaffolded practice opportunities; and creating space for daily social-emotional development- and building on them, enabling CWES to shift toward a more student-centered learning environment, while continuing to provide excellent foundational literacy instruction and expanding SEL opportunities. With this grant, ECPS and CWES will invest in interventions aligned to the school’s greatest needs:

      1. Ensure high-quality core instruction through inquiry-based learning (IBL);
      2. Building a culture of joy through social emotional learning (SEL);
      3. Developing strong multi-tiered system of support (MTSS) processes to support all scholars in developing academic and social-emotional skills;
      4. Building a resilient foundation for this critical work by increasing the capacity within the CWES leadership team.
School Improvement Team (SIT) Meetings are open to the public.  The team may go into closed session to discuss items pertinent to safety and security or to specific student data points.  The list of our scheduled SIT meetings for the 2022-2023 school year is